Daksh was shocked and confused with the story that his mother told him about Sagar, Daksh’s uncle and Raagini’s brother. He was shocked because he never heard his name before in the house and confused because Raagini mentioned Dheeraj uncle’s name frequently. He tried to remember if he knew this man but no he could not recall any person with that name. Though he knew his parents were a bit upset, he asked, “Who is Dheeraj uncle?”

“Your grandfather, Daksh” his father replied with a deep and heavy voice.

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes. I am. We both always lied to you, that your grandfather’s name was Jaideep Malhotra. But we did it for you. We never wanted that you see any news related to him, either on TV or on newspapers and somehow get to know about him.”

“And that’s why you never showed me his photo, nor of Sagar uncle.”

“Yes, son.”

“But what happened to him after uncle’s death?”

“He too was brutally murdered a month before elections. That too by Rajshekhran.”

“Did you not go to the court?”

“Sure we did, but in India if you file a case against a strong and rich person justice is not yours.”

“And what about the elections?”

“YJS lost it, they had no leader and Aasha Party got 75% of seats with us getting only 5%. He captured booths, bribed and threatened voters and secured much seats. Meanwhile I married Raagini and we made a deal with Rajshekhran.”

“What deal?”

“That we will pull down the case against him and he will have to promise that we will never be threatened by him or any of his men, nor the business I was going to start. He accepted.”

“But dad, he is a killer, isn’t he?”

“Yes he is, but not doing that meant risking lives which could not be done.”

“Okay, I understand all this. But dad you just gave me another reason to go back to that country,” he said and smiled when both of his parents looked at him and added, “Whoever this Rajshekhran is, he will be punished and I would do that. Daadu, my grandpa will get justice” and Dinesh left the room with anger and Raagini, she was still looking at Daksh, for she was proud of her son. He was not frightened by all this but he was inspired.

He saw his dad going out of the house. Daksh was sure he was going to the garden and he followed him, went near him and said, “Dad, what happened? Why did you come out here?”

“You know, the whole point of telling all this was that you forget India. We brought you here so we could keep you safe. And you want to go there again. Why?”

“Dad, please calm down. This is not about just me anymore. I gave a promise to Naani that I would help the people in there. And politics is the best way to help them and you too know that. I am not doing it for myself but for those millions and millions of people over there. Dad, please I need your support. And I will take care of the business too, I promise. But after all this is mine I will move back to India. Rest is my responsibility. And if you want you can stay here with mom but please dad support me,” Daksh said and Dinesh looked at him. Even after hearing all that, there was no sense of fear but that of pride. He put his hand on his head and said, “And you have it, my son,” Daksh was rejoiced and hugged Dinesh and he, though happy, was scared. Scared of Rajshekhran.


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