Chapter 2

‘Good morning everyone,’ said the flight attendant and everyone woke up, ‘In a very short while we are going to land in London, so I request that you all be seated and fasten your seat belt.’

Naani, who was sitting next to Daksh, noticed that he was constantly looking out of the window so asked, ‘What are you looking at, son?’

‘I am finding my home, I think…. I think it is lost somewhere down there,’ he looked at Naani and questioned, ‘Can you see it?’ Naani shook her head. Daksh, disappointed, started to look out of the window again.

‘You are never going to find it, son, so better not try. It is good for you,’ said Dinesh, Daksh’s father.

‘I will find it, one day or the other, no matter what I have to do for that,’ He replied with his eyes filled with hatred and anger for his father.

‘Sir, please be seated, we are going to land,’ said the air hostess. Dinesh gave Daksh the same look Daksh gave him and went again to his seat.

They reached London and Dinesh called one of his friends to pick him up from the airport. Stephen, his friend came to the airport and took them to the house Dinesh had previously owned. On their way to home, Daksh saw much of London. The tall skyscrapers, the clean roads and above all the civilized traffic. Merely giving it a tag of being beautiful would be an insult. London was and still is one of the most beautiful places on earth, made with the mind of an architect and heart of a poet. This city is a combination of Science and History. The city does not need a moon neither the stars. It seems like something luminous, it surely is something because of which the moon and the stars get the light. No word in any language is there to describe London’s beauty. But Daksh was not at all surprised to see London. For he expected it to be this way and still was missing India.

‘Daksh, our house is in Bankside, one of the most elegant places in this astounding city. It is just the best place for you. I bet you will be surprised once you see the house we are going to live in,’ Dinesh said after he noticed his sadness.

In a while they reached their home and Daksh’s expressions were still the same and Dinesh too never expected them to change, no one did. Then as days passed, Daksh started to adjust in London. He knew there was no other option than that. He was not living in London; it was just his body which was there. He left his heart and soul in Bombay, where he previously lived.

Several days later, Dinesh invited one of his business partners, Randhir, at home along with his whole family, thinking that it would lighten Daksh’s mind and also it would strengthen the bond between the two tycoons, Dinesh and Randhir. Daksh was not aware about all this and was surprised when he saw guests from his terrace coming inside his house, and that too Indians.

‘Welcome, my friend.’ said Dinesh to Randhir and Daksh came running down from the terrace to the drawing room and grabbed everyone’s eyeballs.

‘So there you are little one. I was so keen to meet you,’ Randhir said looking at Daksh and then turned his head again towards Dinesh and added,’You know, Dinesh, Rahul will be delighted to see your son,’

‘But where is he and where is your wife?’

‘Oh you see, they just forgot something in the car, so they went back to take that and there they are.’ said Randhir looking at the big wide wooden door which always remained open.

Then all of them sat in the room, shared their stories and laughed like anything. But Daksh at the very beginning of the family meeting left the room and came back to the terrace followed by Rahul.

‘Why are you here alone?’ asked Rahul.

‘Because there is no one to be with me, I guess.’ Daksh replied

‘I think that is because you are different.’

‘Thanks, but who are you?’

‘Oh sorry, I am Rahul, your guest, nice to meet you .’

‘And I am Daksh, Daksh Malhotra, nice to meet you too.’

After some time of this incident Rahul became the only person who could explain Daksh about the rights and wrongs and only he made him feel comfortable in London. With Rahul, Daksh felt like he is at home. And thus, started the friendship which in future will see the worst ups and downs, but will remain like new till the end of world.


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