Chapter 1

‘But why can’t we live in India, why England? We are born here. This is our motherland,’ he said to his father.

‘You are not made for this country. England is far better than India. Better people, better facilities, better opportunities, better education and what not,’ replied his father which seemed to be a scolding.

‘But what about us, I don’t want to go there, mum doesn’t want to go there even Naani doesn’t want to go there, why are you….’

‘What do you want to say, huh? I am being selfish?’ his voice was raised but he took a pause and then continued ‘Listen to me, son whatever I am doing is just for you. I have lived almost the whole of my life. I have experienced there is nothing in this bloody place. So never ever think that I am making my profit by going to England,’ said his father this time rather politely.

‘You are making your profit. You don’t do a single thing if you do not see any profit.’

‘I don’t ever do that. I am no bloody corrupt selfish politician,’ he shouted again.

‘Again the blame game from your side, dad,’ he left the room and came back a minute after and continued, ‘Dad, I think in your life work is more important than all of us. And this is something we all know so no matter what I say, tomorrow morning you will take me to England,’ his father had nothing to say. He was shocked to hear this from his son and left the room in disgust.

Daksh’s mom went after his dad and Naani came by Daksh’s side. She indicated him that as always he was doing the right thing. She sat down on the sofa, pulled Daksh towards it, he sat down and she took his head in her arms. He cried. He was feeling the pain of being taken away from his country, India, forcefully. And everything he could do was cry, just cry with Naani on his side.

Daksh could not sleep the whole night. He was praying to God that his dad changes his mind and let him stay in India. Though, he knew that it would never happen but he had a hope. He prayed and prayed and prayed until the moment the sun rose and the day started. He could not believe he was leaving India, the land on which he played, he learnt, he lived. But there was nothing he could do in front of his fate. When they were all leaving Daksh was the first to go and sit inside the car. He spoke nothing in the next 12 hours, did not eat anything just drank a glass of water. It seemed like he had stopped living. And at that time he took an oath, he promised India that he would come back. And he did come back but in all these years whatever happened to him in England made him stronger than ever and he was ready to face whatever he would have to for the sake of his homeland, which he loved more than anything else in this world. Nothing was ever so precious to Daksh than India.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Reblogged this on Inside India and commented:
    A guy who loves his country immensely is taken away from it at a very small age. He is taken to England which according to him is nothing compared to India. After a long time he comes back to his country and finds that his home is shattered by corrupt politicians and businessman, poverty brutal terrorists and many others. What will he do now? Will he go back or stay in India and fight all that is wrong with the country?


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